“Just try not to tear up at the emotional reactions of members of the Galapagos Conservancy and Galapagos National Park Directorate when they see the taxidermy mount for the first time.”

Erin McCarthy, Mental Floss

“’The Beekeeper’ is a fascinating look at a very interesting–one of the many–subcultures of New York.”

Errol Louis, Inside City Hall

“The visuals of these curators and restorators climbing into the dioramas is akin to stepping into another world – the animals are so lifelike, you would almost think they’d react.”

Emily Graslie, The Brain Scoop

“Thinking about web mood-ability to combine content, design, music to evoke a feeling. does this well.”

@Mike_Freedman, via Twitter

“Preserving Lonesome George” is a fascinating account of the combined science and art of taxidermy, with the nostalgic vibe of something you might have watched on a school trip to the Natural History Museum and wished you’d paid a bit more attention to.

Anthony Ing, Film4Productions

Read this heartbreaking story of a waitress, Jill Bauerle, who serves a customer, only to realize she’s her agent. Embarrassment ensues.

Frances Dinkenspiel, Ghost World